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how about a suitsupply napoli? It's not too trendy. i have a plain navy and i love it. Half canvassed. I sympathise with your comments re. Nordstrom, I'm from Ireland and wasted a lot of time and money on junk suits before i moved to the US.
yeah i hear you. when i got it first i dithered as to whether i needed to switch for a med, but i reckon large was the right call for me, did not want it too fitted.
the fang has *slightly* dropped shoulder also, which surprised me, you can see it on my pic last page or e.g.:
hallelujah. group hug guys?
you have totally dominated this thread for the last couple of weeks. you have plenty of feedback. the polite thing to do would be to take some time to reflect on the feedback and let it sink in, rather than coming back with the same type of thing every day. this is not the "teach elisix how to dress" thread.
easy tiger. maybe take a break from this thread for a few days.
my heart was in my throat just reading that. hope you are OK man.
looks like body is perfect but neck is just too small... so maybe epaulet shirts are not for you unless you plan to wear them unbuttoned at the neck
how come? i would have thought green would be perfect with denim. i have a navy fisherman that i don't like wearing with denim, not enough contrast.
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