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can you return them? sounds like you should
speaking of cigar...
ha, sorry should have mentioned he posted on twitter. i noticed the boots.
alton brown rocking indys and a big ass gun
BB can take weeks to ship things out. they really do not seem to understand online retailing. do they still charge you more for shipping the more you order? truly bizarre.
any... they are not going to be lasted so who gives a sh*t
oh snap...
do you like any aldens?
start slow. buy a few items and see what works for you, and what you like. don't buy 10 of everything. you will learn and most likely by the time next summer comes around you will have moved on from the 10 you originally bought.
wouldn't the fact that they were washed prior to buying lessen the effect? i just soaked a pair of 1 wash momo's after about 6 months and there was no noticeable diff in fit...
New Posts  All Forums: