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if you haven't travelled much before, probably better to start somewhere that speaks english
are these available in the store or just online? would be interested in checking them out in person
how was the sourness level?i got a good sour loaf last week for the first time.two things i did slightly different from normal- feed the starter about 3 times to get it nice and angry- left the dough to proof for 18 - 20 hrs rather than the usual 12will be running some further tests to see if it was one or both, that soured that baby up...
there is something kind of trolly about you bro. can't put my finger on it but watching the thread with interest.
that ham is pretty gangsta
think of a taylor made R11 9 iron vs TP MB 9 iron. same club but different shape.(work with me here people)
i had to check up online to make sure you were talking about Chicago. hard to believe they have a Michelin star. probably worth it with a groupon though, i think i have used one there in the past.
probably missed the "and", i did too... "I applied the color 8 polish to my 975s and after the first wear"
interesting question. this has never come up before.(google the mac method)
i checked out your Fall/Winter weight cotton Incotex thread. it sawks dude.
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