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she seems to be shilling pretty hard for this Chris Guillebeau guy
shit just got real
i lol-ed. fucker.
agree 100%. in fact when i see items on sale, i refuse the discount and insist on paying full price. support your real boutiques people!!! if you can't afford things at full price they are not for you.
Delicious is fine. Very delicious annoys me for some reason.
apparently after the sixth item they let you fill a wheelbarrow for free
was it very delicious?(for some reason that phrase really fawkin irritates me)
the Point Collar Charcoal Pindot Chambray shirt looks pretty god damn sweet.
if you ARE planning to work while you are away, you might need to sort a working visa. they can take time. other than that, the idea of making it up as you go along sounds pretty cool.
New Posts  All Forums: