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*something cheesy about having a role for her to play*
not familiar with dcarch's ouevre but i assume that's not a good thing the cow (and recipe) was stolen from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Meat book.
whoa, yeah. that's nuts. what was he doing on the roof?
on the plus side, it does move me closer to clover club.at the moment it's a six block trek. next month it will only be 1.5.
surprised at how many decent-ish seeming bars where i've ordered a negroni and they say "we don't have that". have to explain to them how to make it.
beef and mushroom pie. my pastry technique needs work. to say the least. it was very tasty though.
no, that would at least have been some kind of value for the money.
paying $6K to a rental broker.
this is what i got too.what is the lanyard dealie designed for?also the ring on the wallet? i tried attaching keys but that did not seem too sensible. belt loop?
such a depressing show. i live there about 10 years ago, was nice to see the old hood on TV. weird contrast to see such horrible things happening in a beautiful place.sounds like we might be married to the same woman.
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