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gustin might be worth a look in the same price range.
i have been out of the APC game for many years but i soak every pair of jeans before first wear. you are going to soak (and shrink, even if only a little) eventually, so why not get it over with. if you spend time in most of the other denim threads (momos, samurai etc) this is the standard approach.
tater tots?
i'm sure there probably is. although i checked two separate branches and neither had a solution.they do have chase quickpay but there is a limit of $2k / day.
speaking of credit cards, might get myself a job in hale and hearty soups. http://gothamist.com/2014/04/30/hale_hearty_employees_caught_scammi.php
the U.S. obsession with paper checks is truly baffling to me. best i understand it, there is no way for me to set an electronic payment from chase to my landlord for my rent every month. when the guy in the bank told me this, i laughed, presumed he was joking. a paper check gets mailed out every month from the bank.
interesting... had a pair that did the same. although too late to return them now. i assumed they would soften up after time.
indeed, called back down to pick up a pair of rescues for my brother and stocks were running low. yesterday was a lot better.plenty of hipsters for all, though.
i have the white mesh with suede toes / trim. love them.a bit "lighter" and more comfy than all leather imo.have had them for 2 years and they are wearing very well.
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