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curious about this, you soaked the 702s, any particular reason? did they shrink at all?
thinking of picking up a pair of 702s at the weekend. what's the latest group think on the crotch stitching issue? are we downgrading from a buy to a hold?
instakopped charcoal glen plaid RCs. hoping they will be a good match for alden #8.
i took that cab ride myself a few weeks back, for gastrointestinal reasons that would need to go in the bathroom thread.
round about their first birthday, 710s headed for first machine wash
yeah losing a whole hour really tends to f*** up people's social lives
perfect, gracias
any of you gents have a recommendation for a NY guitar tech? i'd like to get a set up done on a new guitar.
fit looks v good
ghost dump, i think it's called. pretty good alright.
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