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LOL... snap...was just about say that. i pour that sheeit straight down my neck hole.
enjoying a rather delightful cup of tea
old fashioned
David Mitchell, outs himself as a non-SF member.
i took a look in east 57th st on tuesday. they had a few large A.P.C. sports coats and overcoats, selected sizes pringle cashmere sweaters. all around $150. N&F skinny guys size 31 for $40. some levis' made + crafted (38 waist!). and some random cuccinelli junk like a $400 raggedy-looking long sleeve polo shirt. it was just one rail but if they get more of the same it could be promising. all i bought was a couple of pairs of the corgi socks.
watched an interview with him, he reckoned it would be left but move right near the hole... shame
i bought a suitsupply suit recently and it seems very solid so i think that's a good call. if you are only going to have one suit people usually suggest darker (charcoal) would be more useful. to boot does not get a lot of love on the forum: http://www.styleforum.net/t/59761/to-boot-new-york-quality/0_40 sounds like you have the budget for them so how about some sweet epaulet carminas instead: http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/the-1414/Salinger-Double-Monk-Brown/Detail
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