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Yeah annoying
a few guys in this thread picked them up last summer. would love to see fit pics. are they in stock anywhere?
7. Updates during the first two weeks of the month mandatory.
then ditch them and go across the street to the long island bar for a boulevardier.
perhaps he is a farmer?
i like just about any kind of food, particularly those involving cheese, but the deep dish is one i could do without.
the deep dish?
Experience life to the fullest with the clean and classic styling of the Village from Herschel Supply Co. A streamlined backpack made of lightweight and durable polyester.
yeah looks like you beat the hell out of those things. just walking for a few months? having said that, the suede should not just rip under normal use. i tried contacting CP directly about laces and also got no response. maybe try a local cobbler?
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