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it was pretty great actually, picked up two pairs of rescue ($40 each) and two pairs of black new standards ($30 each).they had a full size run of each, although 30s were going fast.also lots of shirts / jackets / shorts but i did not have time to go through these properly.thanks for the heads up.
just around the corner from me, thanks for the heads up. i will have a quick cup of tea then check it out.
maybe you have stinky balls?
quote for mora 8.5D in Brown Burnished Calf, please
that sentence is never going to have a good ending.
*opens up a trendy little spot on the LES*
left nut.
TC have you ever considered a telecaster? Or just strats / les pauls?
yep.interesting comment from slickdeals. guys there are buying 6 at a time to flip."In for a Pelham. That price is lower than cost. Not by a lot, but anything under cost is a SD.Ex-GC employee here.A couple of things for you guys' amusement:1. GC online "stock" takes into consideration stock at their b&m stores. It's quite a terrible system as often times the site is selling items sight unseen and combined with GC's "lean stock" approach, it's very very likely it's a floor...
OK, I'll just step in here to say you BOTH win the argument. Deal? Shake on it...
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