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having been a 7 jean wearer in a pre-SF life i can only advise you one thing. hang out (quietly) in the jeans thread for a couple of weeks before you make your decision. soak it up a bit, and then decide. http://www.styleforum.net/t/55144/i-have-a-jean-the-ultimate-jean-thread-for-beginners-ask-questions-here/0_40
why did you not put this in the existing dinner thread? are you angling for a "special flower" badge?
send a PM to LA Guy, then send me some socks!!also, you should put your website as your signature.
how about ability to block a thread from latest updates? i don't want to hear about new season of breaking bad :-(
6 business days to NYit says size down on the website, sounds about right. i am 8.5 / 9 and went 41, fits perfect.
yah mine were 840 sek = $120
bizarre, been actually thinking of getting some of these types of socks for the last few days, and then this thread pops up. my wife always gives out about the junk nike socks i wear.
svenssons just arrived. v pleased with the fit and style. i've only tried on CPs so can't really compare.now, does anyone know where i can get some gold lettering to pimp these bad boys up :-) [[SPOILER]]
yes they do, dingusberry
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