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i find the quality fairly similar, not much between them.the big difference is the last. CP more elongated and tapered toe, EP rounded.IMO the CP shape looks better, but EP is more comfortable.
any good techniques / recipes?
yes fair enough, thanks for clearing it up. i kind of respect that italian attitude.
i'm not in any rush for my tie but the last few updates from massdrop have been kind of peculiar. surely it would be preferable to announce either a delay or that everything is on track, rather than some waffle about contact and a note about a future update in a few days.
Real talk, dat potbellys meatball on wheat.
that's the nerdiest sentence i've read in months. i hope you were typing it in a squeaky voice.
dat fried butter tho.
magnetic strip on wall.
yeah i do have the 600, i think that's where i got confused. chosera 1k unkopped.
disregard my last post, i'm a moron, i don't actually have an EP 1k. gonna kop dat chosera 1,3 and maybe 10k.
New Posts  All Forums: