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i'll macro you in a minute.
I have to admire the sheer volume of his testicles...
when drinking alone, how do you occupy your eyes? i lean on the new yorker, but looking for new options.
trader joe's unpasteurised ftw
i'll check it out. my opinion on brucie is the apps / salads are great, pasta is OK and the mains are usually a bit meh.
shock horror!Dear xxx,Thank you for your order with us!I regret to inform you that we are currently outof stock in the Common Projects Original Achilles Low- White.I apologize on our behalf for this inventory order!I will go ahead and cancel your order, pending charge will be refunded.Have a great week, and let us know if you have any queries.Kind Regards,CofC Team
clover club. i live between the two and spend far too much time in both.
placed an order but i am questioning their inventory management because i was able to add 50 pairs as a test.
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