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booth had a baby. just popped out of him one day while he was sitting around drinking coffee and talking about guitars. (booth did not have a baby. or maybe he did. i have no idea.)
yeah i'm trolling reverb like a mofo.
beautiful, but a little above my price range (1k or so). i definitely have ron on my list for when i have cash to splurge.
on the plus side, the ties will be super sophisticated after their tour around europe.
thinking of picking up an olympic white strat or natural telecaster, if any of you see anything nice out there hit me up.
willis is getting the best end of that deal.
red hook
makes sense alright, thanks for the clarification. google to here was the only link i found, but i guess i signed up somewhere without noticing.
both lookin good
did styleforum share email addresses with "huckberry"? i have no idea who they are, but i started getting emails a few weeks ago. a google search led me back here.
New Posts  All Forums: