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2 heavy coats of lexol and a bit of elbow grease worked like a champ.
i'm happy that i don't know what the hell any of the last 2 pages was about.
going to a gig in warsaw tonight in wburg. any good bars nearby?
my mildly neglected alden chukkas always seem dry in the creases. i hit them up with reno every few months, and the last few times i tried a coat of lexol. any other suggestions?
What's a good method? Would love to try charcoal but no access. Pan sear then slice?
cooked octopus from spain, from costco. any suggestions on what to do with it, other than shoving up my ass?
yeah i like 'em small and random too.
any tips on what to look out for? i see some sometimes but i can't tell if they are junk or worth picking up
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