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i'll have to plead guilty to being one of those idiots sweating in white and dragging chairs and table round tribeca. stood in for my wife at the last minute, she was supposed to be going with some friends. 4,600 total.
bread, salad leaves, mirepoix (lazy), rosemary ham, organic milk, eggs, chicken stock, cereals. pretty much everything except what i get from butcher and veg shop.
i would have agreed with you a few years back but TJs has grown on me. it's "decent" quality stuff at a good price, in sizes that makes it suitable for apartment living. i live near the one in cobble hill and work from home so i can go there at 9 am and have the store to myself. i avoid the place thursday to tuesday.
nice day for forum favourite EPZM.
look great to me. why are you thinking of sizing up?
sweet. what does it say on your t shirt.
🎶 depends on your height, it depends on your height, i really need to learn 🎶
sounds like you were ready to get out of the position you were in, with that new boss or whatever.
yeah, i saw that, he tried to get a bit too clever with it. didn't strike me as meltdown territory.
i'm not sure if i could perform under that kind of pressure. one thing i enjoy most about travelling home to ireland / europe, you can find some nice private toilets. this idea of seeing the guy's legs in the stall next to you is definitely not as common, outside of big corporate offices.
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