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look great to me. why are you thinking of sizing up?
sweet. what does it say on your t shirt.
🎶 depends on your height, it depends on your height, i really need to learn 🎶
sounds like you were ready to get out of the position you were in, with that new boss or whatever.
yeah, i saw that, he tried to get a bit too clever with it. didn't strike me as meltdown territory.
i'm not sure if i could perform under that kind of pressure. one thing i enjoy most about travelling home to ireland / europe, you can find some nice private toilets. this idea of seeing the guy's legs in the stall next to you is definitely not as common, outside of big corporate offices.
really? i though -6 was prettay good going.
shot 85 at the weekend, my lowest to date. including two 7s, definitely room for improvement.
i do tequila:lime:cointreau:syrup in a 1.5:1:1:0.5 ratio for margarita. getting a vitamix delivered during the week, looking fwd to whizzing up some frozen limes in it. recently been making aperol spritz at home but finding it hard to balance the "fizzyness" with ice etc. any tips out there?
i volunteered last few years at the barclays. i signed up for shotlink, so you shoot a laser at the ball to calculate distance to the pin. good fun but long days. one person works the laser and the other fills out a cross reference spreadsheet thing. at the green, you are up on a tower so you get a great view of the action. the real nice position is filling out the spreadsheet on the fairway. you get to walk out there and pace off distances, and get very close to the...
New Posts  All Forums: