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ballin' shoes man, i love them
what did you order? depends on the last. if grant, plaza or one of the smaller lasts you will probably be OK. if barry or trubalance you most likely need to size down.
sweet, could not sleep last night so i ordered around 1 am ET. looks like i just snuck in before the deal ended.
pre-soak pics of my 710s. excuse the crappy quality. went TTS at 34. post soak messing around...
+1contemplating getting a probe for roasts but i can get by with the pen.
he was an deluded, passive aggressive nut job. but he was OUR deluded, passive aggressive nut job. in a crazy kind of way, i miss him.
when he does the initial tasting of the food, no matter how good it is, you know he is going to criticize it regardless.i'd love to punk him by secretly serving something from one of his restaurants, see if he thinks that needs to be ripped and replaced.
if you are patient you might get a deal from someone who has sizing issues. as ysb mentioned unlikely for the popular models in big to ever go on sale.
a2m dawg
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