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a bag of dicks?
fios talking forever to make daily show episodes available on demand. i hate to say it but i am starting to miss TWC.
i have a 25 litre, whatever that is, 6 gallons or so. pretty much fill it every day, and definitely empty it every day. something like this. when i put a store bag in, it only comes about half way up and looks very sad and lonely in there.
i've been scared of monkfish since k wilk (i think) commented on how many bugs he finds in them.
i like cooking but i'm not really in chinois territory yet. i did pick one up years ago in a restaurant supply place but never use it.
i am being flippant but anyway. what do you put the grocery store bags in, a can, do they fit neatly?
well i live in NY so i buy expensive garbage bags, and throw the plastic shopping bags into them. fuck yeah.
what kind of numbers we talking for good bonsai these days?
that sounds extremely low. use it 3 times a week, it's toast in 4 / 5 months? i have one that i have been using for years.plastic bag fees have been in place in ireland for 10 years.any time i go home, i forget about it so if i have a small number of items i will just carry them.or be a total baller and pay for a bag, that always gets a reaction from teh ladies. might try that move in the "posting up" thread.the lack of plastic bags lying around everywhere as trash is...
Pretty much same as other CP ... Size down 1. So these work out around 8.5 US.
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