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easy tiger. maybe take a break from this thread for a few days.
my heart was in my throat just reading that. hope you are OK man.
looks like body is perfect but neck is just too small... so maybe epaulet shirts are not for you unless you plan to wear them unbuttoned at the neck
how come? i would have thought green would be perfect with denim. i have a navy fisherman that i don't like wearing with denim, not enough contrast.
this is key IMO, i fell in to this a bit
I'll let you know on monday, i have a fang coming in L and v similar stats. Hope size is similar to L fisherman that fits perfect.
might have been answered before but what do you use to cook meat?
i'm a tapatalk user also, i noticed that strange behaviour before for certain symbols. if you check the last few posts in a browser you'll see what i mean.
you on tapatalk?
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