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+1 on an S&P ETF. any reason you would go for spider over vanguard or others?laxer if you set up an account direct with vanguard there are no trading fees.
the thought of this guy blatantly wearing sweat pants to formal events is filing me with joy. More than Sweat Pants April 18, 2014 by Jerseyknitman East Coast Age: 45-54 Gender: Male This may be hard for some to believe: but in Black, these pants function for me for all occasions, including 1) in house, 2) casual run about, 3) dress up with a blazer of nearly matching texture and sheen (with a pocket handkerchief), and 4) remarkably for black tie events. I've been at...
LOL! you trickster.
agreed. i wonder if we are all talking about the same shorts here. although the pricing sounds like we are.my chino shorts have a nice weight to them (almost like my lighter epaulet chinos in short form), seems odd that they could be described as light / flimsy.i picked up 4 pairs. they felt a lot more substantial and comfortable to me than the linen shorts.although having said that, i have not washed them yet so they may deteriorate at that point.
simply wonderful for the complexion.
limericks's finest, the rubberbandits, have all the info you need. plus you can see what the locals wear. remember it rains almost constantly, so rubber soles are advised. indys would be a good call.
pB it sounds like you are going to need to take 3 - 4 days off the coffee if we are to prove out your psychosomatic theory.
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