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there was a pretty good article in lucky peach on the pros and cons of culinary school. keller was massively pro. most others (inc paul kahan and dude from longman + eagle) were con.
speaking of which yes i do like those recommendations!! but a little odd given that i have never ordered a single women's item
i think you will find people answering both ways. i went with barrie(r) size. depends on shape of your foot.
cup the balls, work the shaft
yep. love the creaminess of salmon sashimi. generally hate it cooked.
i would like to hear iroh's take on this topic
looks pretty similar to mine, this is "Baumalu", picked it up in a consignment store pretty cheap, plus i think they have them occasionally in tj maxx type stores.i love mine though, beaten the hell out of it for 5 years or so, could probably use a polishing...
+2the sole and the chino turn ups seem totally bizarre to me
take a look at the alden thread and say cheerio to your credit card...!
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