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people tell me i'm white, and i believe them, because i spend most of my day talking about clothes and wine on the internet.
would smash.
summer before last i did the zipcar to dyker pretty much once a week. before 7 am on the weekdays it's $18 to play the back nine. i'd leave my place in BK at 6.30, play 9, and be back home for work at 9.
how do you mean?
is he wearing sweat pants?
yeah it was a bit silly.first i heard of it. how could they evaluate that?
i played bethpage black with my dad a few weeks ago.first round of the season, windy, and tired from being up at night with baby.not recommended...!i will take a few weeks to lick my wounds.
+1 on an S&P ETF. any reason you would go for spider over vanguard or others?laxer if you set up an account direct with vanguard there are no trading fees.
the thought of this guy blatantly wearing sweat pants to formal events is filing me with joy. More than Sweat Pants April 18, 2014 by Jerseyknitman East Coast Age: 45-54 Gender: Male This may be hard for some to believe: but in Black, these pants function for me for all occasions, including 1) in house, 2) casual run about, 3) dress up with a blazer of nearly matching texture and sheen (with a pocket handkerchief), and 4) remarkably for black tie events. I've been at...
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