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the wife picked up on my hints #teamtele
it means you're gay. all of you.
The hem rolled up? Me neither, just get them tailored to correct length.
maybe worth taking a punt on epaulet, for $75 you can't really go wrong? http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/sale/products/wilshire-jean-indigo-selvedge-denim-clearance
booth had a baby. just popped out of him one day while he was sitting around drinking coffee and talking about guitars. (booth did not have a baby. or maybe he did. i have no idea.)
yeah i'm trolling reverb like a mofo.
beautiful, but a little above my price range (1k or so). i definitely have ron on my list for when i have cash to splurge.
on the plus side, the ties will be super sophisticated after their tour around europe.
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