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i think this is a generational thing. young hipster-type millennial like myself got to have dat phone by the bed for dat tinder at 3 am, no biggie. the older gents keep the phone in a bureau in the drawing room... a vestigial land line. in fact here is a photo of @Piobaire making a dinner reservation on his iphone 6 plus. "hotel pennsylvania please"
dat 4 AM flash flood alert. ARRGGHHH!!! WAKE UP IT'S RAIN!!!
bookmark the SW&D WAYWT thread and check it every day for a month.
please tell me you called your mom, screamed "YOU'RE BLOCKED, BITCH" and then slammed down the phone.
so you learn two things: - fit is important. some brands may not work for you. - price is not directly related to fit.
i've been getting some stuttery audio over the last couple of days. blasts for a second or two then stops. can't track it down more specifically.
anybody posted up recently? getting a bit hot for it now imho.
good call, and i actually have a pair on order from roden gray. i have slight fit navy 14 oz that fits great, ordered the black.
very nice... but sold out. FML.
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