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Out of curiosity, how do you judge the length?
have a couple of bunches of ramps, any suggestions for recipes?
this is what showed in the thread preview, i was hoping to hear about dat arby's meal.
nice. soggy dollar?
[[SPOILER]] that's great feedback, thanks for putting it together.
like a few recent posters i feel like this is the kind of rabbit hole i could easily start getting lost down. hey @Master-Classter , did you say you wrote a primer for beginners? can you link to it? the mrs. got me some creed, van cleef + arpels, acqua di parma over the years, to give a brief reference point. would something like this be a reasonable jump-off point? 3 ml...
dat walls of text. j-dog, you ever heard of a paragraph?
how are the barbour hoods? thinking of picking one up for my ashby, anything to be aware of? do they ever go on sale?
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