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nice. for our first, it was 1 AM, i pulled on a pair of under armor golf chinos. went out to the bathroom half way through, the fly button *pinged* across the room... what a time for pant failure!luckily i had a belt to pull the whole thing together.
sweet job bro
sweaters look good, anyone tried 'em out yet?
depends what you're looking for. most places you should be able to book on opentable.
CPs, white achilles
weird, it's not working for me. any tips?edit... used safari, working now.
I lived in wicker park, loved it, but would be more condos than complexes. I had a parking spot but no car. It's on the blue line.Lincoln park and wrigleyville may also suit you.Avoid downtown, people commute to work, but it's dead at nights and weekends.
Check out rogue territory.
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