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my 6 month old son is getting ready to talk, and judging by this morning's gargling it sounds like his first word is going to be "foof"
i guess it depends on what you are going to wear them with. i'd say cigar would look great with more formal epaulet chino styles, i kopped the kognac, i think it will work great on the slouchier denim end of things.
sweet jesus. please get the separate trainer thread going or this will be a clusterfuck of sizing to rival the cp thread.
damn. cordo trainers are dope.
last word
excellent work. you win the respect and admiration of your fashionable peers.
we should have a sweepstake for the first SF-er to covertly snap the stewart on the subway. http://gothamist.com/2014/09/24/rod_stewart_subway_nyc.php
the hair looks suitably epic so it could be...
roof deck a few doors down had a fire recently, loads of fire engines. i called up to the neighbours upstairs and we went on their roof deck to check out the action. they have a propane BBQ up there. fireman leaned over to us and said the fire marshal would be coming during the week, BBQ can stay but get rid of the tank, otherwise would get a fine. so they don't seem too concerned about them.
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