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yeah i picked up that shirt and love it already. looks way better in reality imo than on the website photos.
Gustin should be in the price range
What time should i swing by?
There are a couple of knife threads. General rule seems to be make sure you try in person.
i figured it was maybe to cook them still on the vine but then i saw a guy sitting outside TJ's picking them off the vine and putting them in a bag. at that point i was back to square one.
brussels sprouts on the stalk. what's the deal with that.
sure. it's not bothering me in the slightest, i find it amusing. just don't get it.
yeah. it's bizarre. i feel like it might be intended to show they are too busy... gotta fire off that quick rant but no time to sit in a human building.
people recording youtube rants in their cars.
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