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exactly correct.
"nalfkin" is british terminology "not half kin" which means certainly member of family. hope this helps.
a bag of dicks?
fios talking forever to make daily show episodes available on demand. i hate to say it but i am starting to miss TWC.
i have a 25 litre, whatever that is, 6 gallons or so. pretty much fill it every day, and definitely empty it every day. something like this. when i put a store bag in, it only comes about half way up and looks very sad and lonely in there.
i've been scared of monkfish since k wilk (i think) commented on how many bugs he finds in them.
i like cooking but i'm not really in chinois territory yet. i did pick one up years ago in a restaurant supply place but never use it.
i am being flippant but anyway. what do you put the grocery store bags in, a can, do they fit neatly?
well i live in NY so i buy expensive garbage bags, and throw the plastic shopping bags into them. fuck yeah.
what kind of numbers we talking for good bonsai these days?
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