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decide on your price point and scroll through the last few pages, see if any brands stand out. look for the posts focussing on wider thighs. gustin is usually considered a good price / quality ratio but there could be sizing issues as they don't have physical stores. maybe try an online option that has free returns.
I was just about to grab one but my size sold out
just spotted navy and black hoods on sale at macy's if anyone needs one.
i could use a liner but i have read so many mixed reviews i don't know what to think. any thoughts? anyone own that specific one?
C'mon man. That scallop should be hanging precariously off the edge of the plate.
anyone tried scentbird? pretty decent prices for amouage samples ~8 ml coming in just under $20 each.
this winter sucked, i was constantly getting sick from the kids. daycare lady reckons it is the up and down weather.
ah, was wondering. i saw the price had reverted when i checked again in the afternoon. thanks for the heads up!
ordered yesterday morning and just delivered to brooklyn lunch time today. beautifully packaged and beautiful coat. thanks!
thanks. looks like code is still active, will check those out.
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