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so you offered him a full refund and he refused?
you get points every purchase, can redeem for future, points are equivalent to cash.
good man. http://gothamist.com/2014/09/18/subway_rider_brings_chair.php
i would never touch a girl on the ass unless she asked me nicely, but i surely do some stupid shit when i'm drunk. the thought that someone could take my name from a receipt and put it on public display is a bit of a worry.
that'll do it.
harold you done any nice posting up recently?
cardholder looks nice, would love to see a simple billfold at some point.
Ads on spotify = pleb status
fok already ruled out min # of posts, because it might deter new users.although you would think something could be done about a new user that starts 30 threads in an hour.
exactly correct.
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