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I lived in wicker park, loved it, but would be more condos than complexes. I had a parking spot but no car. It's on the blue line.Lincoln park and wrigleyville may also suit you.Avoid downtown, people commute to work, but it's dead at nights and weekends.
Check out rogue territory.
right, so i owe the mrs. an apology. TBF we had a baby in april so the whole thing was a bit of a blur.
presume you checked filters + spam?
was last year really bad? i don't remember it. was arguing with the wife that this year seems worse.reminds me of winters when i lived in chicago.
combo leather with suede accents for tennis trainer would be sweet. for some reason i can never get on board with full suede trainers.
haven't you mentioned before that you don't really like vacations and travelling, prefer to go to work? i may be mixing you up with someone else.
This is as good as it gets for me.
New, no tags, unhemmed, never soaked etc. Including instructions of how to jump in the sea wearing them, and CRUCIAL APC collector's pin that will make you the envy of your whole crew. $125 Shipped US. The Rescue is APC's most generous fit. We recommend this jean for those looking for more room in the thigh. The Rescue was inspired by the fuller fitting jeans of the 1950s and remains a smart option for those who appreciate the classics. 100% Cotton Japanese Milled...
New Posts  All Forums: