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Quote: Originally Posted by htrieu I'm looking for a pair of black jeans, slim fit, tapered. Suggestions? price range? best bang for the buck is prob these EPs: or these 3sixteens: but there are a bunch of other options if youre willing to spend 200-300; theres also overdye, coated, etc
^^ yes im not up on my nudie (lol) fits but this should help: Quote: Originally Posted by Pahreen Do you guys have any recommendations for a relatively slim (31" true waist, 10" rise, 15" leg opening) brand of jeans that doesn't cost as much as APC NS (I guess I would be a 28 in NS), or N&F Slim Guy? To be perfectly honest, I don't really care about having raw denim (don't like fading, aesthetically; prefer...
i think u mean derek, unless derrick caracter is your moms fav player in which case lol
good stuff barims whats up w that chopped and screwed bit at the end tho?
then i busted a baird mcnutt all over her face
lol i fucked yer momz wearin head 2 toe j crew she showed me her secret wash
i would say hell no, especially if you have smaller feet this chunky sole/creeper shit needs to die
had to edit that due to grammatical crimes committed on my part
dear mall brand haters: ex 1, j kissi that is all
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