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line 6 Spider III HD150 amp head with FBV pedal. 1 of 2 amps i'm aquiring for a show i'm booking on sept 29th
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku ^^ You blew $40 on Kenneth Cole when our Quality Seller is selling Orian shirts for $30 shipped? before this week *bought that shirt a week ago*. i maybe browsed this forum for a few minutes once or twice since i joined. i'm sure as i float through more i'll know more of whats going on with selling here. can't thrash me too bad for not knowing
Torino clothing company is having a moving sale so i tried on a couple shirts and ended up getting a Kenneth Cole black pinstripe satin dress shirt. Loved the feel, the pattern and the fact it actually fit unlike the first shirt she had me try on*It made me look like a fat police officer. and i'm 170. not right* damage was 78 bucks with tax. 50% off. also got a couple casual tie reccomendations so i'm going back later this week now to get some nice shoes and pants that...
30 or so bucks a month. Shaw. pitiful upload
When i study i usually use everything at my disposal. If its a test on a book. I read the section a few more times and think in my head what questions are most likely to be asked based on other quizzes if its not the first one. takes about an hour usually. If its a final exam. i just try and absorb as much as i can, going in and asking the teacher\\other students if i don't understand something, over the course of 2 weeks or so
so glad i'm considered a troll. i joined to maybe get more sense about fashion and dressing well. and i make a mistake and get called a troll. yay
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff line this op up in front of a firing squad. jeesh one bad decision in thread making and i deserve the firing squad, eh? i wasn't aware this was china. sorry. my bad btw people. i think i've gotten more than enough flack for this. i made a stupid thread and you all have completely destroyed me about it. i have to clap at your quickness, however i think i've gotten more than i deserve
well they weren't in a bind. but they sure as hell are now. thanks odereater. another asshole thats mission seems to be to make me feel like shit
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater except that the whole point of this thread is not to talk about cooking or people who know about cooking, but rather for you to dish on some guy about his lacking skills in an effort to make yourself seem superior. I enjoy cooking. I watch the cooking shows. I cook for my wife. But, I don't particularly care if some other dude would rather cook mac n cheese than seared scallops. And apparently, I'm not the only...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I just want to know how you feed 10 people scallops for $30. you don't put many scallops on. it doesn't take many scallops when you have filling pasta. they were 50% off
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