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They look like my CJ for BB peals
This season actually looks far better than the past two.
You washed the pants?
Ya. Whats the deal with salesmen who have the nerve to try and sell stuff. But really in the end you need to do your own home work. A sales person generally only knows the product they have and in turn only will help you with that product even if they know a lot about other brands. Heres to put in perspective. When was the last time you were at a Ford dealer and they said. You know you should get a BMW. Its more what your looking for so go next door.
I think it makes him look like a bus boy at a high class restaurant
Assusming Lanvin sneakers are the highest of quality is a big assumption.
I love people like HM. Just saying
Tom ford is so good looking that heonly has sex with men.
How very do the right thing.
I know nothing about sewing but you can't possibly make 35 ties out of that much fabric can you.
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