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The first one is a chesterfeild and more than appropriate.
Wear the black shirt. This is highschool and you won't look out of place. Hell even all the students in my business school dress like highschool prom
This is as bad as when Im at work every grown association man has to "ask" if they can buy some shoes. At least with my gf we've made it pretty clear. I don't tell her how to dress and she doesn't tell me. Its actually funny because she says its more attractive that i can dress myself. And that does't mean she sometimes dislikes what i wear.
i like side vents for the comfort factor when sitting
That "red fleece" is actually part of their university collection.
Non born fabric is an inferior fabric to must iron so all this isn't new
Shirts wrinkle. its natural and this.one looks.fine
Im gonna place an order but i can't till 10:30 or 11 pst will i still get the black Friday special assuming supplies.last?
When we supply our own measurements are they for purchase body or what we want the shirts measurements to be
any chance you can make tab collars?
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