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I never understood the appeal nor do i now
are there any fit pics of some pants. I have yet to see them
Those are not soles ferragamo uses
Picked up this HAT on a whim and I think its actually a pretty good buy. They say its 100% beaver felt to and at that price i figured why not since i saw they were at Pitti Ummo or however that show is spelled. Plus I only have 1 porkpie at the moment that leaves something to be desired.
this this a joke... the hard graft shoes look like those heeled sneakers girls are wearing
At ferragamo they make you do reapprochs that essentially badger the customer every 2 min. Its required. Also having worked their id have to say ferragamo has some of the worst quality i have seen. 4 out 4 of my shoes have fallen apart in 3 months from manufacturing issues that make them need a full recraft and my girlfriends purse litterally fell apart on its 3rd use.
I find the whole thing rather fashion forward. But to each their own. Also this is coming from someone who owns a black fleece suit.
Often BB has no warehouse stock on BBBF so it ships from a retail store. So basically. Good luck. Also BF isn't really interview appropriate imo. But thats another issue.
People who show their braces are contrived and typically have no fashion sense.
How could u possibly think option one looks good.
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