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None of the shoes have model names, all the shoes look like complete crap, the payment issue, no logo on the sock liner, spelling errors. Its pretty damn clear.
As a previous employee of ferragamo i had people ask me about sites like these all the time. All i could think was are you that dumb.
That's the suit that they give the staff. Its fused and not good quality. I know since i have a closet full.
Im sure its fine. Is it just me or do most women have horrid taste in men clothing. Its ironic too cuz if you showed them a picture of some classic menswear they like it more than modern stuff... Idk I once had a woman in her 30s tell me brown shoes were for old men
lol wut
So i finally decided to order some pants. I always have trouble finding pants that fit and I have like no casual pants, so I tried the Navy Twill. Guess I play the waiting game now.
is there a measuring guide for the pants?
hu of course if your over 6 foot a regular wouldn't fit. Also sizes vary from style to style within brands.
I remember hearing that the pants measurements were way off for some people. Have these issues been resolved.
thats a suit jacket with a tonal stripe
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