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can you make then with a leather cod piece?
its from the slope of your shoulders not the shirt...
its real its the newland from the studio line. They used to give this model to all the outlet sales associates about two years ago.
Ive bought brand new RLBL suits for less.... so ya
I do think being more responsive is necessary but at the same time the product produced is a great value so with that in mind it doesn't bother me much. I can see how it would for others though.
You have to know that there are time delays in making things in India. Also, it should be expected. I know someone is going to type rabble rabble rabble unacceptable, but I felt it had to be said.
its got a 42 on rotten tomatoes
Its not often i lol at an pic of clothing. So that was nice
thats because it is window drape fabric
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