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I cant seem to find any down pillows that are of decent quality in size 20in or so for a sofa. Any ideas?
Nothing like putting the top down and cruising the 101 HWY at 3 MPH
Just bought a set of knifes that were long overdue. Normally I wouldn't have bought a set but at this price you cant really go wrong, and I will use all the knifes int he set. Now just need a nice hollow edge chefs knife. Already had an Apex knife sharpener so I'm all set for quite some time.
Its just the lining and all looks fine now but I to have had unpleasant experience when it comes to brooks brothers tailoring and MTM
So recently my girlfriend bought a tea light oil warmer for the house and I love it. But now i want to have my house always smell like sandalwood and ceder, cause its awesome to come home to. So does anyone know of any electric warmers that are programmable to go off at certain intervals throughout the day. Also any good oil sources. I have used Yankee Candle and there not to bad but Id like to know other options.
Brooks brothers owns that factory as well as southwick so those I always knew but I didnt know the others
Its called the gent and its from the lowest quality line ferragamo offers. Its also a really old style so im not sure you would find it
So I have a few pairs of shoes that are a touch large. Not a half size to big but a little more play than Id like. Anyone recommend some quality leather insoles to place in them to reduce some of the play?
Out of curiosity any Hawaiian prints for shirts?
Just got my pants and I'm very happy. I did have to wait a while but the end product is great. A similar pant would cost around $250 or more retail
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