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I'm a fan of this show. It's fun to watch
Definitely would be laughing at that guy.
Well there are better alternatives to chapstick. I personally just like blistex, but lots of people love burt's bees or whatever. Drink lots of water to hydrate your entire body, including your skin.
Why would they ruin something that is already perfect? Everyone knows this won't be as good as the originals
I don't understand.. from the previews it looks like Mad Hatter is the main character in the movie just because it is Johnny Depp? Kind of changing the story a bit?
You have to be pretty picky when choosing one. To get one that doesn't stand out as ridiculous. Other than pet hair sticking, I am a big fan of the more "microfiber" sofas.
Quote: Originally Posted by IUtoSLU These new members leave much to be desired. You gotta be fair now, the other new guy left himself open for it
About as weird as an idiot who shortens 5 letter words into 3...
I went to a few shows this year, but I live in Austin so it makes it really easy. I don't get too into the SXSW craze though.
Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz To account for PAyPAl fees I recommend to add 4.3% otherwise you inevitably loose money. Those who dislike paying paypal fees can always offer to pay with money order or just STFU Technically it is against Paypal's user agreement to ask for the buyer to pay the fees, and your account can be disabled because of it.
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