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Yes, AT&T is king... IF you get service. Most the people I know that complain about poor reception in calls or dropping calls are on AT&T. Their 3G is faster though.
Quote: Originally Posted by svelten Damn too bad they aren't live. Nothing beats freshly shucked oysters with nothing but lemon, vodka and parsley. You forgot the horseradish!
I'm fairly new, so I don't know who is from the Austin area. Just looking for a good full-body massage, any suggestions on where to get one around here?
I don't know if it's keener. My understand was that casino security (at least here in the states) is pretty ridiculous.
Most recently been jamming to: Guns N Roses Grateful Dead
I don't know how last nights was the best show in 10 years... I don't even recall laughing, maybe a chuckle a couple times, but I did not watch the entire thing. I turned it off after the weekend update.
I'm a big fan of 514 fit. I will definitely check these out. Hopefully they have some at the local Levi Store to try them on.
I guess mine was technically when I was 5 or so. It was a summer day-camp thing. We had a field trip to the movies and one of the girls just kept chasing me around until I kissed her. But the more accurate one would probably be when I was 15 or 16 with the girl who ended up becoming my first girlfriend.
A list to make up for the general population having no common sense.
My problem with the C class, is that I don't understand why it even has 4 doors. The back seat has about 1 inch of room in it.
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