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Quote: Originally Posted by milosz Need to take my LCP to the gun show this weekend and sell it. I think I'm done w/ trying to find the pocket gun that works for me and my big hands. Figured out I could carry a full-size Glock IWB without terrible printing, I'm sure a baby Glock (or similar) would work under just a t-shirt. In the event I bother to get my CHL. Do you HAPPEN to live in Austin or Houston TX? I may want it (as long as...
Quote: Originally Posted by tomgirl i'm curious to know...when you approach or try to date a girl who's out of your league (physically)...are you aware of it? and if so, what makes you think she won't notice/care? i'm starting to think some men seem to develop these complexes where they see themselves as sexy and desirable to every woman, even the ones that are obviously painfully more attractive than they are, and then act perplexed when that woman isn't...
Team Fortress 2... and sometimes Counter-strike source
Quote: Originally Posted by i10casual Legit, I recommend the Sig 232 if you have the cash. It is light, strong, and shoots very well. I just tried out the Ruger LCR and LCP. I'm not a revolver guy but between the two the LCR seems superior, just because it seems more stable and fits into my hand better. The LCP does fit into a pocket and it's hidden, no profile. I also shoot straighter with the LCP, but it just seems like all the plastic parts will...
Yeah, I've been looking around for a "summer" carry gun. The winter one is a Glock 23, but due to my wardrobe, it won't hide very well during the summer. Considering a few guns: Walther PPS 9 or .40, Ruger LCP, Kahr PM9/40... Not sure if the "slimline" Glock 36 is enough smaller than the 23 to warrant purchase. I'm not too picky on caliber. Comfortable shooting any of them, and comfortable with the fact that anything .380 or better will be sufficiently powerful.
Where has this been all my life? A place I may finally belong.. and fit into (not fit into?)
The S4 is a good choice. I like them a lot.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I just saw margaritas shortened to "margs." For fuck's sake. I want to punch girls in the face who describe food as "delish"
This looks promising.
Downtown in Austin.. I saw Ron White being escorted (held up) around between two girls. He was beyond drunk, who knows where he ended up. We said hey, and he just slurred something out, no idea what he said.
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