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I felt pretty safe in the two weeks I spent in London. I also didn't go out of Zone 2 via subway either. I'm not familiar with the layout so much or the worst crime areas.
Really though, practice makes perfect. Just have lots of sex and you will naturally get better at it.
I approach using a white van with the side door open. My friend approaches them from behind. I think you know how the rest goes.
I like women fit, but not necessarily super skinny. Need a little meat on them bones. I don't like seeing 6 packs on women, but love a flat stomach.
I enjoyed this weeks episode. Some of you guys are being a little ridiculous.
My flight ended up interfering with me running last year. Had it been 1 day later I could have done it.
"Always wear a condom, and don't let me find out about it"
Extra ridiculous.
Parliaments are what I've seen.
Have a bottle of Booker's right now..
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