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As long as you steer clear of rowdy younger people who appear to have drank a lot, you will be fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy For me, yes. I agree that I think it is a lot.
You really don't want to know this type of thing do you?
Twitter is the most ridiculous thing ever. Who really cares what other people are doing on a minute to minute basis?
I didn't even realize this was still on the tele.
This is my last week of undergrad. Ever.
You should just take this picture to the stylist and tell them you want something like that. They could also tell you if it will fit the shape of your head and such well, or look good depending on the texture of your own hair.
The Zinc lozenges... then advil and/or sudafed as needed to keep the pain and sinuses cleared up. Sleep a lot and drink a lot of water...
I love this website. I had forgotten about it until I saw this... just what I needed during finals week! (argh)
This is a pretty ridiculous system. I recall being annoyed the last time I sold something on ebay.
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