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Quote: Originally Posted by swaggerisaliability I knew the number way before we started going out. But then again, we were close friends beforehand. I can't imagine going into a deep, serious relationship without knowing my partner's sexual history. I don't see why the history matters, unless you want to know how many diseases she caught on the way or if she currently has one. Your only concern should be not getting infected with something,...
I love my Canon and think it takes excellent pictures for what it is. I've stuck with the brand through the years.
They are extremely slow for anything above basic web browsing, emails, or some word processing (if you can deal with the smaller keyboard).
Quote: Originally Posted by tdangio That's an expensive "try" If you're going to do something, do it right.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero +1. People that use bumper stickers are my least favorite people in the world. This is how I feel. Most people should keep their opinions or attempts to be funny to themselves when directed to complete strangers.
Still is very clunky looking compared to a couple generations previous. It's an improvement, but I think that BMW can do better.
This is such a ridiculous proposition. Trade one type of waste (electricity usage) for another (mercury). How does this balance out in the end? Flourescent lighting sucks in most situations.
Quote: Originally Posted by Incman I think I just had a stroke. Mind-blowing. It makes me wish I went to a good school so I would actually have a chance of making that much money. Me too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter I saw "Miss USA" and "spread", that was enough to get me clicking. Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube You're welcome. This is what I thought, and Thank you.
I'm fairly simple when it comes to electronics.. MP3: 2gb Ipod Nano, maybe 3 generations old. Computers: Laptop None. Desktop - Personally built 2 years ago. Plays some games. TV: Technically I just use my 19" computer LCD. I do not have a TV otherwise. Camera: Simple Canon Powershot I bought last year, 10MP
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