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Quote: Originally Posted by Superfluous Man A lathe for your living room: He could make his own coffee-table legs or something with this. Or best posts to tie his lady-friends to
I'm not a huge Mac fan. I agree that the iPad is a pretty sweet idea and is fun to play with, but for me the novelty wears off and it doesn't have anything particularly appealing to me and my lifestyle. For others it is the exact opposite I'm sure, and it's very cool for them.
Quote: Originally Posted by dhaller In seriousness, it's just a matter of getting involved; hobbies, clubs (the interest kind, not the soulless meat-market kind), amateur sports leagues. Check out and see what local groups support some of your interests. This is how it is. Also, if you want to find people to date... don't discount the online dating websites. Maybe you'll find someone to go on those vacations with you.
If you have free time, then there is not an excuse for this. If you got home and had to go to bed immediately just to get 5 hours of sleep before the next working day, then your life would plain suck.
It's a sign that the best way to start your day off is with morning sex. I just hope you have someone you wake up next to.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty Glad you're okay. Now thanks your stars it wasn't a recluse spider bite: lefty How was this even relevant? I've encountered several brown recluses here, but never been bitten. Looks like a good thing! hah
I love the internet male. Katy Perry is extremely hot, and anyone who would kick her out of bed strictly on looks (her personality could suck, heh) probably doesn't like women.
The first episode was rather boring to me. If you guys suggest it gets better as you go, I may check into it some more.
I agree that his clothes look real nice. Especially for a guy getting beat up all the time in them!
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