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thanks, stud homme seems closest to what i'm looking for in terms of aesthetics...how do you even order from them? unfortunately not korean, and googling doesn't seem to help.
given the uncertainty around whether or not we'll ever get these jackets, any suggestions for alternatives to TOJ (slim cuts/classic patterns at the low - mid price range)? did a bit of digging around and saw aero, vanson - looks like black scissors was a decent option a few years back, but no sign of them now.
off topic, but GN what make up is this? black lamb/black zips?this is one of only a few pics where the 4 zip looks good (whereas plenty where 2 zip does), even though conventional wisdom seems to indicate 4 > 2.
dominant shoulder being lower/internally rotated is quite common, especially if you play a sport with a lot of overhead motion as far as fixing goes - presumably focus on good posture, and a lot of external rotation. will probably have to work your way back up weight-wise to nail form.
any promo codes floating around?
anyone have experience with rapha jackets? specifically looking at the softshell and/or transfer jacket. wondering if it's worth the price. certainly seems well made.
considering picking these up, but how would you wear them? hard to imagine a situation where white/grey sneakers or black boots wouldn't look better.
they're not bad for the money. really depends what you're looking for. i was looking for a budget piece and really wanted to like it, but they just look cheap - wouldn't be able to pull off a high/low fit with it. quality is pretty bad too. though someone posted one earlier that they altered that looked decent.it fits long/narrow shouldered. might work better for you if you're lanky/skinny.if you're a smaller guy, would highly recommend the hotel manufacture ma-1 over h&m.
haha wow massive miscommunication there - thought you were posting a picture of the H&M, which is what i was talking about. should've known from the model. all makes more sense now.
[[SPOILER]] that's not the current iteration from the looks of it. no elastic bottom, silver zipper. current version is not as nice.
New Posts  All Forums: