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guys, this is clearly spam. and ugly spam at that.
what's the sleekest last available on the comfort sole? also, is the comfort sole ever done in brown? looking into a pair of tan suede comfort craftsmans, but doesn't quite look right to me with the black sole.
looks like drew already monetized the assets without an appropriate plan in place for handling the remaining orders.
drew stated a while back (prior to this debacle) that he already sold off the patterns - so not an option for additional liquidity.
going to sign up - anyone have a referral link to share? or are there better discounts to use?
Thanks - yes, I saw that before my post. My understanding is that those are shoulder measurements taken from the back - I'd like to see shoulder measurements taken from the front.Concern here is that this will not a good fit without both chest and waist modification given the minimal drop in the pattern.
i size up 1 on the stretch jeans and have found that to work pretty well. have similar problems if i buy my normal waist size.
thank you - intrigued by the sf/johnson collabis this sarcasm/care to explain?thanks prudy - that's definitely a nice jacket, but it's a bit too minimal for the rest of my wardrobe, and didn't particularly like the iteration with the chest zips.
any recs for a minimalist cafe racer? ideally something with chest zips, less biker and more refined/fashion-oriented?
thank you, looks great on you. looks better to me unzipped, though I feel that way about most cafe racers.
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