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There were a couple of extra bands at Target but not much. I really like the maroon with gray stripe one, anywhere know where I can get one without having to buy a new watch?
What trees are in those PAs? I'm trying to find one that fills the toe a little better than the combination Woodlores.
Whoops, took too long to answer. Oh well. I look forward to seeing the review from whoever jumped on the offer.
I'm looking to buy some Woodlore Epics for my Park Avenues. I know they're a bit wide, and the PAs run a bit narrow. Would a size small be able to fit into an 8.5D?
I recently happened upon They claim to be a Swedish company. Their normal width ties are mostly 8 cm, something that's hard to find here outside the upmarket makers. $25-30 with free shipping to the US. Did a quick search, and there's nothing on this company here. I don't expect very good quality, but I was wondering if anybody owns one of their ties and can attest to how well they knot, how thick they are, etc.
For first-quality and new, I haven't seen them much cheaper than that.
This is the real travesty here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vecna (and AE isn't on amazon). They are.
Try the streetwear and denim forum. You're in men's clothing, generally unreceptive audience here.
What model is this?
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