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up one more time. 225$ now
up up uppppp
As title states, I am selling a pair of Red Wing gentleman's traveler boots in Black for 215$ shipped. Boots have been worn 2 times and unfortunately don't fit properly so I am selling them. These do not come in the original box, but retain all other original aspects. Pictures upon request, but they are not broken in and still look BNWT otherwise. Links for images / information below. I would say they run a bit large. I wear a 9E in Allen Edmonds and these were too...
If you post measurements like the 3 people ....and now 4 (me) have asked may help!
Looking for some measurements, please. I'm quite interested
What cut of N+F would be most similar to my size 28 APC NS's? I would like something with a lower rise I think, but most importantly I am looking for something with similar a similar slim / straight cut from thigh to leg opening? several people in the thread have recommended weirdguy, but every website I have seen for sizing say that these are N+F's wider cuts of jeans and I should be more on the slimguy side of jeans thanks!
How do these compare to APC NS fit and style wise? I can't find much about them online in regards to potential stretching and fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne This isn't a zipup though, so kop it $80 only yalll Gonna be all over it on Friday when I get paid. Pretty happy I found something fairly quickly lol
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude no idea where they are being sold though ... Damn, that's nice haha. Nice find. My closet is full of zip ups already so I am just trying to diversify and all that
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