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Looks like the latest iteration of the Costco Graham & Gunn roadshow will be in Washington, Virginia, and California (both SoCal & NoCal) in May. Here's a link: http://www.costco.com/Service/FeaturePage.aspx?ProductNo=11649430&cm_re=1-_-Right_Nav-_-MensSuits I may check it out. Don't need/want one of these suits, but I could definitely use some new everyday work slacks. The regular Italian-made Kirkland wool slacks have been a solid value at $50, but almost all of...
OK, Gents . . . how about these Chelsea boots? Assuming that they are actually "Made in England" as the description says, then they'd seem to be a very good value at $139 (+ another $9.99 for delivery). Agree or disagree? Grenson Black Dress Chelsea Boot on Urban Daddy
Quote: Originally Posted by mishon Where do you see that this is Corneliani ID? It looks like the mainline model to me. As a result, most likely canvassed. I guess I'm not sure. The version of the jacket I saw in person was a dark navy blue with chalk stripes and metal buttons, and there isn't a picture of that exact piece anywhere on the website. I was thinking that it's ID because on the Corneliani website, the pictures that come...
I've been intrigued by the Corneliani ID sport coat -- the one with the working buttons up the lapel and the zip out faux-sweater. Here's a link to a picture and description: http://patrickjames.com/product.aspx...uct=1852BLAC50 I know there are mixed opinions here on the board on the style itself, but at this point, I've decided I like the style & versatility of the jacket (though I can't imagine wearing it very often --if ever -- with that faux-sweater actually zipped...
I consider myself a "recovering engineer." Before moving into planning & management, I worked for four years in engineering: two years for the government, and two at a small private engineering consulting firm. At both places there was a mix of office work and field work, so I can relate to and concur with most of the comments above. As a general rule, engineers are NOT good dressers. The fact that you're on this forum indicates that you want to be different from...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I have never heard that and have never seen him in anything that looks like Press. He has a very geniune disdain for anything redolent of Eastern preppy snobbery. One summer day one of the speechwriters came to work in a seersucker suit and white shoes and I thought the poor bastard was going to get fired. AT least in '01, W was wearing Oxxford: http://www.buzzflash.com/contributor.../06_Suits.html
Quote: Originally Posted by The Transporter I'm thinking he could have gotten deeper cuffs. He's a little over 6'1" so 1-1/4" cuffs seems chintzy, like they didn't have enough material to work with on the pants. I thought the same thing. I'm 5'-9", and my cuffs are 1-1/2" with some of my suit pants at 1-3/4" at the recent urging of my tailor
Some one please remind me: who have been the tailors for Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, and W? I remember much being written regarding Reagan's tailor -- I'm guessing he paid more for his suits than the "retail Nordstrom" price for Obama's.
Looks like the junior senator from Illinois be wearing a custom-made Hart Schaffner Marx suit when he makes his speech accepting the nomination. http://www.forbes.com/2008/08/26/oba...ife_newsletter
Thanks for the detailed info and for the recommendation. Once I figure out what I'm gonna do, I'll report back. I'll take some before and after pics too.
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