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Suggest you go with a medium grey or charcoal. DO NOT have it made as a modern "so slim and short it looks like my little brother's suit". It may look pretty good today but in a couple of years you'll laugh at it. Try classic form and widths. Try Southwick or H. Freeman (not Hickey Freeman).
Pants are way too long as well
I am mostly a Made in USA dresser. I just prefer to support American made products. I own Bill's, Southwick, Oxxford, Gitman Bros, Hickey (the old stuff before they went to s&#t), AE and Alden shoes, Did I leave anything out? OK, I forgot a couple of Canali shirts my wife bought me that I have to wear once in a while......
Dang friends, these are handmade shoes. No two will ever be the same. The "flaws" are subtle differences in every shoe. I own many pairs and they all look good and feel good even with the little nuances.
Just got the scoop from Brenda at AE and she was very helpful.She said she has been with AE for over 20 years and she has never heard of the Schautal. She had to do some digging on her computer to find it and you won't find it on the AE web site.The Schuatal is made only for the Nordstrom Rack and it was introduced in October 2012. It is not a factory second nor is it made in an inferior manner.It is definitely made in USA from first quality materials. Essentially it is a...
Just bought the same shoes. It's a new one to me too. No reference on AE site or web search.
Nothing but cheap junk sold there mostly but his marketing was brilliant. Probably millions of guys "bought his tag line".
Balvenie 17 doublewood with Partagas
Legacy is one of their top of the line models. It was discontinued but Dillard's still orders them. ALL current and former models are available to any store. Dillard's orders Legacy. My wife is a Dillard's store manager, she knows.
How do you avoid being arrested? That's theft of service...
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