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Quote: Originally Posted by Manton John Lennon? Paul McCartney? The Stones? There are a lot more I could name that I think had a bigger influence. I'm not saying that those bands were not a huge influence but I would say that the british Indie scene has been more influenced by morrissey and marr in the past two decades. If you look at some of the biggest (and most critically acclaimed) bands in the past two decades most of them cite The...
I don't think there is a artist that has influenced British music more than Morrissey. His work has followed me throughout my life from songs like Half a person, How soon is now and Cemetry Gates right through to his solo stuff like First of the gang to die and black cloud. Every lyric has so many layers and can be interpreted and defined in so many ways by fans and every time I listen to a track I find a new line or phrase that amazes me. Saying that though, I don't...
Can't Say I'm a Fan, it moves far too quick to ever catch up with people!
Isn't this just the same as MSN? looks like Google....
Yeah its good for amateurs, I am going to upload just my old ones I have kicking around. Could be a nice little earner.
The worst are the people who don't even have the courtesy to use earphones and just wander around playing it straight of their phones for the world to hear. No one wants to hear Kelly Clarkson!
I just finished reading American Psycho. I think I am going to read it again, it is such an amazing book. It is definitely one of the most captivating and funny books I have read.
most Morrissey lyrics.
Quote: Originally Posted by overdog I didn't finish reading the article but I've read elsewhere that Beckham is generous with his money. Maybe it depends on how attractive the waitress is. Great story. Becks is a ledge.
Hi everyone I have a really quick favor to ask you guys and your expert opinions on Online Shops. I am about to start a redesign on my website ( and i was wondering if anyone could just take a quick look and tell me what you think of the current design and what you think I should change and what you think I should keep. Any help is hugely appreciated. Thanks Chris
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