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Thanks guys. That's really helpful. I'm searching for more waistcoat pictures, if anyone has any I'd be grateful. Particularly the U or V shape waistcoat for someone with a bit of a belly.
Thanks very much for that. Good thoughts on the vents. I'm struggling to find photos to help decide, so that would help as well.
Would really appreciate a bit of help please to my questions above. Thanks
Thanks very much for that. Would really appreciate a bit more of a steer on my many questions! Thanks, R
Hi All, I am hoping that you might be able to offer me a bit of advice. I am going to embark on getting a bespoke DJ made and would like advice on well all of it! I have done a search and read a few threads, but I think either the advice was for someone for a completely different body shape, or, the advice stopped short from what I would like help on. To try and get some ideas I had a walk down Savile Row, but only managed to pop in to Gieves as most the others were...
Hi All, I was just thinking about the link between dressing well and watching ones weight. A search of the word "weight" on the forum does not bring up many Threads on this topic. This surprised me as I would have thought that for people who place an importance on "looking good" that watching ones weight would be part of it. Or, am i mistaken. I am certainly not saying that in order to dress well one needs an adonis figure. Have I opened a can of worms? Just keen to...
Hi Everyone Now that The Shoe Snob (J.Fitzpatrick) has embarked full time on his new shoe line, I wondered if there was anyone in London up to his standards for providing a shoe polishing service? Would appreciate any recommendations. While I could have a go myself, and I have done, it really is no where near the same level. Cheers R
hi just wondering what belt would go well with the following Navy linen smart flat front chinos white shirt Camel jacket Blue canvas Sperry boat shoes ...and also quite likely a Panama hat. I had thought blue and white, but not sure. Orange I'm not sure would go with the Jacket. Thanks R
Hi I have a brand new detachable stiff collar to be worn with a tie. The trouble is that the tie will not move within the collar so I cannot tighten the tie. The silk of the tie and cotton of the collar appear to just lock and get stuck. I've heard talcum powder on the collar could help, but that could be very messy. any advice? Thanks R
New Posts  All Forums: