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Waist is about 36. But my stomach protrudes that by a couple of inches.
Are there any recommendations for anyone other than Pinnas and Needles? Preferably further East in the City? Or in North London? Don't say Alterations Boutique, all the reviews are fake. Made by users with 1 post
I tried lots! Spent a few hours going round various shops. Either it fit the chest and not the stomach, or, fit the stomach and was a bit large in the chest. I can't be the only guy with a gut!
Any UK brands that might?
Hi Everyone, Firstly, while losing weight might be the ultimate solution, I need to wear a suit every day, so I need an Immediate solution. A 40R suit jacket does not close around my stomach. A 42R or 42S does close around my stomach but I end up with some extra fabric on my chest. Light pooling. So which is the better option, a jacket I can never button, or, a jacket I can button but has a little extra fabric in the chest? I am yet to find a OTR cut for the man...
Thanks guys. That's really helpful. I'm searching for more waistcoat pictures, if anyone has any I'd be grateful. Particularly the U or V shape waistcoat for someone with a bit of a belly.
Thanks very much for that. Good thoughts on the vents. I'm struggling to find photos to help decide, so that would help as well.
Would really appreciate a bit of help please to my questions above. Thanks
Thanks very much for that. Would really appreciate a bit more of a steer on my many questions! Thanks, R
Hi All, I am hoping that you might be able to offer me a bit of advice. I am going to embark on getting a bespoke DJ made and would like advice on well all of it! I have done a search and read a few threads, but I think either the advice was for someone for a completely different body shape, or, the advice stopped short from what I would like help on. To try and get some ideas I had a walk down Savile Row, but only managed to pop in to Gieves as most the others were...
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