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Hi Guys I've been having a great read of this thread and am so massively shocked and surprised. I've walked past Suit Supply and thought it was a cross between Zara and American Apparel - they only have they orange logo and weird marketing to blame for that.. So i am after some advice please. What is the best material for a navy sport coat that suit supply have. I want it to be soft and to have texture. It cannot be a smooth worsted, as that won't look right. It needs...
Thanks, good quality and fit from them?
In other news, apparently Roderick Charles do suits for the more stocky gentleman. The suit I bought was from Jaeger.
Hi, Sorry forgot to update this! So I bought a 42. I then took it to an alterations tailor. I was basically told off! The shoulders too big, the chest pooling, to large across the back. The only place it fitted was the stomach! So back to the 40 and it will be let out at the waist
Anyone? I assume some others in the UK must be using online MTM Thanks
Hello, It has been a while since I posted and have generally been lurking but am now hoping that you can help! I have an unfortunate relationship with my belly; I love to feed it and it loves to grow! The result is a small gut which has made OTR shirts (cheap CT stuff) no longer fit. I tried sizing up on CT shirts and don't really like the fit, with the whole shirt just being too big. Without increasing the spend too much I would like to get a MTM shirt that will...
Has anyone else been there recently? From a bit of internet research it appears that Erlend Norby has moved on to a new more upmarket shop and it now charging £130 for shirts previously priced at £89 at this shop. i am not sure of the current owner of Stephan Hartounian or its current quality - but would be grateful to hear.
Waist is about 36. But my stomach protrudes that by a couple of inches.
Are there any recommendations for anyone other than Pinnas and Needles? Preferably further East in the City? Or in North London? Don't say Alterations Boutique, all the reviews are fake. Made by users with 1 post
I tried lots! Spent a few hours going round various shops. Either it fit the chest and not the stomach, or, fit the stomach and was a bit large in the chest. I can't be the only guy with a gut!
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