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I heard on the radio today that NZ will outlaw smoking in prisons within two years. Yeah good luck with that.
I heard this story about Arnie back in the PI days. He was apparently back stage, going down town on some bird when his mates walked in, he calmly surfaced and said (put on Arnie voice here) " "Eatings not cheating". Thought that was gold.
I thought the official alternative was, "I'm sooo gonna robocop them jawnzzz yo". I tried to coin, "Where police?" But it did'nt take off.
Hey just realised I have enough posts to check out the current events bit....are there some awesome Kunk gems in there?!
Hi guys. Nathan made me a shirt, it came in last week. Really nice, well made, hand felled seams throughout. Will post some pic's when I have time. I asked for a workshirt in light indigo chambray, black buttons, like a Buzz Rickson navy spec workshirt.
Syb's is a true gentleman. Honest seller plus mega green rep.
Hi guys. There seems to be alot of questions about roping lately huh. I think there are two main things that cause roping. I have changed my view somewhat in the last few months, the chainstitching does help but it is very minor, and will help more on unsanforized denim. The nice thick stitching on the hem when cuffed does look very nice. The two main things that will cause roping in my opinion are, how the hem is rolled and the width of the hem. The old union...
In the 90's I would visit this streetwear store where my buddies girl worked. She would show me Stussy and Freshjive lookbooks of the upcoming season, photocopies of course. Next level.
The head honcho at Louis Vuitton was interveiwed on breakfast news this morning...they just opened a LV store in Mongolia. Hi Uncle your avatar, you handsome devil.
Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN so he improved it for all his jeans or just your pair? I think there was some pocket liner testing going on when I made Poly's, it's been all the same since the new line came out last year. There may have been one or two that was in the 8oz, not the 10oz. The Cougar cut has been tapered since the new line started also, all the older models...pre blue/white tab were a looser straight leg. It's similar to a...
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