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Driving in Naples was almost like vacation after Moscow traffic.
My wife has a bunch of clothes from Amina.I was told that they are relatives with Mariano.
MTO order from one of the Russian stores.
Vass MTO - cigar cordovan and medium brown suede. Check Vass thread.
Key pouch made of cigar shell cordovan. Almost one year old.
Have you seen those?
Second from left is actually ruby red.They are on the Forest last.
I have the Ruby cordovan from Carmina. The other one is bordeaux, which is definetely not red and more close to Alden's #8.
The order was for cigar cordovan and medium brown suede. However, this cigar colour is different from others posted here and from the cigar offered by Alden. As a colour reference below is a photo of Alden vs Vass cigar. Alden Barrie - Vass F - Alden Plaza.
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