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Thanks for the info. Given the South African presence in NZ, I wouldn't be surprised if they were made by the SA company. Is there a reliable way to spot SA C&J?
Hmm.. good catch. I don't think anyone in NZ would bother making or selling fake C&J's, though. Hardly anyone would recognize C&J here anyways. Perhaps an old model?
Crockett and Jones in UK size 6 for NZD 110 BIN. Yes, that's New Zealand dollar (1NZD = 0.80 USD). I was excited that I found something interesting on a NZ local auction site and then realized that they are not my size.
Now that Tom has mentioned Shannon, does Alden by any chance have a pattern for balmoral boots? It will then be "Alden Cordovan Shannon".
I believe the ones on eBay are from previous season. Here's the link:
No 36
I would certainly buy one at that price point along with other MJK items that are still on my wish list. As for the color, could I suggest brown (light or dark)?
A 25% off coupon LEVIS_25 would make it close to $50 before tax and shipping.
I like the coat, too. Did you communicate with the seller in Japanese?
Thanks a bunch, guys.
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