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Spur of the moment trip to Toronto and trying to find a great place to eat last minute on a Saturday night has been a challenge reservation wise. Right now I am going with Zucca Trattoria. Other options were Buca (very late at night) or Yours Truly (bar seating only). Any ideas?
Thanks for the input! E-mailing back and forth with an associate I think I'll just get the Brooks Brothers Park Avenue in Dark Brown for 199. I'm not able to see the shell in person and if the Brooks Brothers are very similar to the regular shoes I'd rather just save the money. Undecided on the second pair, the sales person suggested Clifton in Walnut as an option for 199.
Looking to buy a couple pairs of Allen Edmonds before I start work from the outlets. After e-mailing the different outlets I think I'm going to buy a pair of dark brown park avenues. Prices are 199/259/299 for Brooks Brothers/Calf/Cordovan respectively. Are the Brooks Brothers a lot worse quality than the regular Allen Edmonds? Is the cordovan worth the extra 40/100 bucks? Any suggestion for the second pair of shoes? I was thinking about walnut strands but I think the...
Looking to sell a pair of the generic German Army Trainers. They are size 285 which corresponds to roughly a size 11. They are a bit snug on me and I usually wear a size 45. Looking for 65 shipped in CONUS.
Looking to sell a pair of Common project Grey Achillies Low Size 45 sneakers. As you can tell from pictures they have been worn and show signs of use but still a ton of life left in the shoes. Price is 125 shipped in CONUS OBO.
Looking to sell a pair of MMM GATS. Price is shipped in CONUS. Shoes have been lightly worn by me and the previous owner. No shoe box but have the dust bags. Some signs of use and light indigo stains on the top from raw denim. Other than that in very good shape and some great shoes. Looking for 225 of best offer. PM me or e-mail djb17@geneseo.edu if you have any questions. Also selling generic pair and a pair of CPs.
Any suggestions for sauces or things to pair with soft-shell crab? Or should I just stick with a sandwich w/tarter sauce
As someone who has had the great misfortune of living in Rochester my entire life there really isn't much to eat. Dinosauer BBQ and to a lesser extent Sticky Lips BBQ aren't fancy but what they do they do well. Garbage plates are a Rochester thing that I think would be worth checking out. Its just fast food but tastes good imo. I like Country Sweet Chicken and Ribs. They have a unique sauce and are pretty good at frying chicken wings/chickens. There's only one location...
I'm starting in a big4 firm next fall and at least from my view although the compensation is substantially less the work/life balance while not great is better. I feel like I can have some semblance of a life working 75 hours 4 months out of the year and 40-50 the rest of the year. On the other hand working 100hrs 52 weeks a year feels like a straight up trade of my 20's for a big salary.
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