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This happened to me recently - rashes just started appearing - hadn't changed brands or anything odd. I switched to a gel for a week or two, the irritation went away, and now I'm back to my stick and it's working fine. For reference, my normal brand is Mitchum smart solid, and the gel was Mitchum gel - both antiperspirants.
Quote: Originally Posted by jgold47 I dont know about that. in my mind, I think of a lot of people who were sucessful before/without academia than ones who became sucessful because of. Therefore, I stick back on the 'those who cant do, teach'. This adage is untrue. In most academic fields, professorships are the most highly sought-after positions. Only PhDs who have big-time credentials (important publications, top schools) get...
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T oh, that's easy....because a significant number of academics have never had to live in the real world. I hear people say this all the time, but I usually find academia is as "real" as any other industry.
It looks tacky to me when the groomsmen are all wearing the same thing. Coordination, however, I understand. They must all own a charcoal suit, right? Black is probably close enough.
Is there any reason why you can't exchange them for different colors?
I picked up some Eagle Rare 10 based on what I read in this thread. Great advice! Nice oak aroma, balanced sweetness, just gorgeous. It's dancing on my tongue, and slightly puckering my cheeks. My main bottles are Evan Willaims Single Barrel and Bulleit, but I think this one is going to get a permanent spot in the cabinet too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Finally it looks like real data has been used to show that the 6 degrees F change expected over 100 years by the IPCC is now likely to one 1 degree, or one-sixth the previous estimate: http://www.seas.harvard.edu/climate/...i.grl.2009.pdf I think this definitely should move any economy sapping climate change regs into the wastebasket. The thing about science is that it's never really definite....
Jeter gets more milage out of a few great plays than anyone I have heard of. Sure, the flip was great, but it's not like he is doing that every week. For all the spectacular plays he makes, there are 4 balls he misses that a shortstop with an average zone rating would have snagged.
it's sublime. I've been to the brewery, and the way they make it is quite interesting. To infuse it, they use a giant "tea bag" filled with spices that is dipped into the fermentation tank.
U-s-a! U-s-a!
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