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Once you edit out the annoying minority, hipsters are just normal people who spend a lot of time patronizing the arts, and who have a quirky aesthetic sense. That's ok in my book. Hating on hipsters is so trendy it kills me. Every hipster I know professes to hate hipsters.
it depends on what pants you wear. I like to go sockless and rolled up with linen and seersucker pants. It fits with the way I wear my clothes. It might now fit the way you wear yours.
My favorite pub serves warm mead from a crock pot during the Christmas season. I've come to associate mead with the holidays
Quote: Originally Posted by VMan Lagunitas Brewing Co Seconded. Their beer is a little harder to find than some others mentioned in this thread, but it's worth the effort
I like boatshoes, sandals, loafers. all with no socks
While you might wear the DJ fewer times than your suits, you'll probably wear it to occasions where you're likely to bee seen by more people, and where you're more likely to be photographed. Maybe that's more important than simply looking at the number of wearings? Or maybe it's just a justification to buy something nice....
Stay away from those companies that are trying to hire young people to do independent sales work. Most of them are scams. I agree with the "get a shit job" crowd. I've noticed that people who worked lousy jobs as young people have a lower probability of growing up to be assholes
Can you tell me anything about ogi frames? I found a pair of titanium wire frames by them that I like. Is this a quality brand?
I either put them in my inside breast pocket, or in my lady's purse.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs Is this true? My BS meter goes off when I read stuff like this. Indeed. Any time the word "toxins" is used, you can probably bet you're hearing some pseudoscience.
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