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I've yet to find excellent wings outside of Western New York. They are a source of great pride here, so most restaurants and bars take the time to do them well.
Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim I have met a lot of hot women who are Math majors. Beauty and intelligence is a rare combination... The only good looking math majors I have met are foreigners (mostly east asian). The few American women in the math department are usually math ed majors IME.
Buffalo Pros: It's cheap Decent amount of cultural stuff for its size Good sports town Very good blue-collar food like wings and beef People are generally friendly Cons: Snows too much Depressed local economy Pervasive NYC inferiority complex Snows too much
Quote: Originally Posted by Jerome Yeah thats my point actually: I would like to see many more ppl be encouraged to engage themselves in this highly abstract and philosophical discipline of mathematics; but unforutnately our (Western) society puts too much emphasis on purely "practical" things like inciting greed or economic desires for material things instead of some higher ideals of art or philosophy (or theology or pure math or mathematical...
Quote: Originally Posted by dshin University of Michigan Class of 00. Back at UofM, Ross school of business for my MBA now. Why do MBAs always refer to the name of the college of business, rather than the name of the university? I never hear people in other fields do this, but for MBAs it's always Wharton instead of U Penn or Sloan instead of MIT
yeah, I know running is good stuff. I kinda hate it though - that's why a video seems like a nice change.
The idea of a cardio workout I can do at home with no equipment appeals to me. It does seem like most of the videos out there are geared for the ladies. Is there a good solid workout video out there, for a fella of average health who just wants to improve his heart and endurance? I'm thinking something like 30-45 minutes at a time sounds good.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Teaching is really what I like to do, and it runs in the family. Before I taught English, I coached and was a personal trainer for several years- I just like teaching things to people. However, training and working under a Globo-gym type corporation just isn't worth the stress and hours. I've had different kinds of jobs before, and all these office type jobs didn't sit well with me, I couldn't take it for more than a...
Is teaching English really what you want to do? Most peolpe I know who take those jobs are folks with newly minted arts degrees who just found out that a degree in something like sociology provides few actual skills. I don't know you, so you'll have to decide if this was the case with you. What I'm saying is this: do you really love teaching English in China, or have you just convinced yourself that you love it to justify your choices. There's no shame in that....
If it were me, I'd get a different shoe. Some lasts just don't work on some feet, no matter the size. Maybe you need a wide size, which isn't available in the desert boot.
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