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Peak oil is BS. The supposed time when peak oil will hit keeps being moved back, since new reserves are being discovered faster than predicted, and new methods of extracting crude are using the wells more efficiently. None of the projections that I have seen have taken into account conversion of natural gas using the Fischer-Tropsh Process. The only reason we aren't using it right now is that crude prices haven't stayed above the threshold where it becomes cost-effective...
That's an awfully loose usage of the word "equates". Nowhere does he equate them - he says they are related, or they share a characteristic (akin is the word he used). Big difference.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Really? I still feel that breezes in really hot places are cooling. I think he means 37 Celsius, which is normal body temperature
I like this look: http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/...son-paris.html
I use an immersion blender. I don't know if it works better than the food processor, but it works well enough and it's easier to clean. I blend in the same bowl in which I'll store the hummus, so there's not much mess
Quote: Originally Posted by rjakapeanut yeah it doesn't seem great but i really have no other choice than to go to law school. i still have a couple years before 1L though. It's never too late to switch your major from poli sci (or history, or sociology, or whatever) to something more useful
Figs. I ate them right from the tree once, but in stores I've only seen them dried
SUSPENDERS! I have a good friend who had an ileostomy who uses them all the time. It's funny because he used to make fun of my suspenders, but after he had the operation he tried a pair of mine out, and now he's a convert. If you aren't wearing a jacket and you don't want the suspenders to show, wear a tucked-in undershit, wear the suspenders over the undershirt, and wear an untucked shirt on top of that.
Most of the interesting bars are in the Allentown area. For a cool neighborhood pub, try Founding Fathers in Allentown. If you're a beer fan, try Cole's on Elmwood. Hardware, in Allentown, is a cool bar with a decent beer slection, and a non-obnoxious hipster crowd. I you want to hook up with trashy hipster chicks, go to Pink in Allentown around 3:00 AM. If you're looking to date-rape sorority chicks and get in fights with meatheads, any of the bars on Chippewa Street...
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