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Quote: Originally Posted by Plasdom Speaking of which, I bought one today fr $21.99. Light gray, light texture, 65% cotton, 30% silk, 5% cashmere. Only thing which bothers me is that is looks like it could get deformed very easily. Anything I can do to fix this? How do you mean? I have the same sweater you're talking about, but I've only worn it once because the weather has been pretty warm since I bought it.
Stay away from the relaxers. Being that you're white, relaxer will turn your hair into a stringy mess.
Light-gray lightweight V-neck. Before 5:00, you can wear it with any pants/shirt combo except light-gray, and it can be layered under a jacket. After 5:00 it looks great over an untucked dress shirt with jeans, or by itself with slacks or jeans. I say light-gray because dark-wash jeans are very fashionable, and I think light-gray works with dark denim better than does charcoal. If you don't do dark denim, then charcoal or navy would be good color...
I had a cashmere blend sweater from Express (around the same quality level I suppose) and it shed so much even after a few wearings that I returned it. I've heard the same thing from a friend about a BR cashmere sweater. That said, they were both a high percentage of cashmere, so 15% might not give you the same problems.
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