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If you want to rock some dirt-bag hipness, lace them up only half-way or so, letting the tongue flop around like soonami said, and fold down the tops of the canvas upper a couple inches This look was co-opted recently by converse when they introduced an all-star line meant to do this sort of thing, with a double tongue.
Maybe I'm asking to be flamed, but I think I like Keyshawn's lapels. They're unique without being garish. Nice. I don't care for the shirt collar or tie at all, but those are separate issues.
We have a famous local dish in Rochester called a Garbage Plate (or just a Plate). It consists of: -2 hamburgers, hot dogs, or sausages with no buns, smothered with rochester-style hot sauce, which is a thick mild sauce with ground beef in it. -home fries -macaroni salad There are variations, but that's the general idea. Sounds gross, and it's terribly unhealthy, but it's a treat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Georgia_Gent Also, I find that the tongue creeps around during the day, which is annoying. Any fixes for this? Wear cool socks
Check out this link: http://rocwiki.org/Tailors It's a local wiki, to which I am a frequent contributor. I created all the pages about tailors, and I gave my opinion of a few. demeis - the wiki does have a page about The Red Barn (which I wrote): http://rocwiki.org/The_Red_Barn (as someone in the clothing business, I'm sure your contributions to the wiki would be welcome)
Quote: Originally Posted by Kevin Any discussion of hot sauce begins and ends with Frank's Red Hot. Adds tang and flavor, not just heat. Plus it's the key component to the orgininal Buffalo wing sauce. And since you're a Rochestarian, don't forget Boss Sauce and Rochester-style meat sauce.
pf Flyers They're styled similar to Chuck Taylors, but they have much more support
Quote: Originally Posted by cldpsu I just wanted to see whether the green looked different in person. How do you like them ? did you find they fit pretty true to size? If anything they run a bit small. I usually wear size 11-12 shoes depending on the brand, and I wear a size 12 pf Flyer lo. For reference, I wear size 11 in Chuck Taylors. Wear them in good health. I got my first pair of pf Flyers last summer, and I love them. very...
If you're feeling daring enough to use vinegar as a dessert topping....... Marinate some halved or quartered strawberries in the balsamic vinegar for a few hours. Whip up some Mascarpone cheese with sugar and vanilla. Plop a mound of the cheese on each serving plate, and pour the marinated strawberries over it. The recipe is from one of Jamie Oliver's cookbooks.
I like a to use a honey-mustard recipe I learned from a local British pub. Mix up whole-grain mustard with mayonaise and honey - delicious!
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