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Further, the notion of "attracting students" is probably a net harm. I may sound like an elitist dickhead when I say this, but the sort of student who is attracted to a school by its football program is probably not the kind of student I want at my university. My university (should be obvous from my location) is probably the second-best public university in the country academically (after Berkeley), but is still better known for its football team. Nevermind that our...
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero -Many, many schools make shitloads of money off of athletics. Texas pulls in $140 million or so with a budget of $95-100 million. That's about $40 million that gets put back into the academics or capital investment yearly. Instead of adjectives, let's use numbers "Of the 117 Division I-A programs, 40% reported an operating profit in 2001. But without state and school subsidies, only 6% made...
Quote: Originally Posted by shademore The whole undeniable point of professional sports is its about winning for these guys. Everything else; money, fame, self satisfaction, dominance etc. stems from winning. If Rose was betting his team would win, I really don't see how its contrary to the interests of the game. All it means is that he has set himself up an extra incentive to be dominant and win. Putting his money where his mouth is. This isn't the...
Boat shoes wih socks don't look good to me. I sprinkle a little Goldbond powder in the shoes after every few wearings. They make a foot powder, but I just use the same stuff I put on my balls.
Ok, so we seem to mostly agree that just not calling is a lousy thing to do. Doing this in-person isn't necessary - we aren't that serious. It'll be a call or a text.
Ok, so three dates with a girl, the last two ended with some lovemakin' I don't want to see her any more. No real reason.... just not excited about going any further. Would I be a huge dick if I just stop calling her? Do i need to call and say I'm no longer interested in seeing her? How about a text?
why is is all or nothing with you "I don't drink" people. If you're not an alcoholic, then why don't you try drinking occasionally? I don't think having a few drinks once per month (or whatever) is all-of-a-sudden going to make your soccer game shitty again. Be an adult. The world isn't black-and-white. Exercise judgement.
To call the GRE easy is meaningless. It's neither easy nor hard. It's a measuring stick. You might say that attaining a particlular score is easy, but that is relative.
What do you mean by Kaplan program? The class or the book? I haven't taken the class, but I have a good friend who took and and improved his scores by a non-trivial amount. I used books (the big books by Kaplan and Princeton Review, and a couple voculabulary supplements) and did pretty well. If you have trouble motivating yourself, the course is a good idea, since they will keep you on track
Instead of going to lenscrafters or whatever, find a good optical boutique in your area. It will likely cost a little more, but the people who work there will (hopefully) be able to help you find a frame that works for your face
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