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Quote: Originally Posted by babump I just ordered the version of this boot with the lugged sole. I ordered them half a size down from what I usually wear in Nike/NB sneakers and basketball shoes based on what people have been saying about the Katahdin fit on the other thread. Can anyone comment on the fit? Where did you buy this version with the lug sole? I can't find it
Quote: Originally Posted by MasterOfReality I think (in my industry anyway) that the universities should allow industry to design the bachelor degrees. Get real engineers and site based people an opportunity to have a say, rather than a bunch of academics who wear cardigans and jackets with shoulder patches determine the program. I recall some collegues who went to different universities had to study social science subjects so they could develope a...
Quote: Originally Posted by CrazyJew See, this is why I really hate university sometimes... so many of these "foundation" classes are useless and a waste of memory and brain power. They should be there for people who are going to use it, like people actually majoring in mathematics. Why the hell do I need to know about all the rules of existential universal statements or how to prove A or B valid ten different ways, or ridiculously long and frustrating...
Thanks, I'll check it out
I'd like to read a bit about Theodore Roosevelt. There are a bunch of biographies out there, plus his autobiography and a few others he wrote. Can anyone recommend one to pick up? Shorter is probably better - I don't know if I can commit to a 700-900 page book.
We all know opening night of the symphony is black-tie optional. Does this extend to the whole opening weekend, if the Saturday night program is the same as the Friday night?
nice glasses, but they look like they're a little too big for your face. Google a company called Microshapes. They make a range of smaller frames. I have a pair similar to your Fillmore, but smaller.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire LSU football doesn't make money? Do you have any, you know, data on that? You are sounding like some sour grapes here. As modern university students are so lazy and uneducated, I thought I would help you. Here, report back on these findings: LSU FY 09-10 budget: http://www.lsusystem.edu/userfiles/f...9-2010/LSU.pdf Article on the program and revenues: ...
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Are you thinking about what you're saying at all? It sounds like you're really putting your education to good use. The more applicants a schools has, no matter their motive for attending, the more selective the school can be. And why do you give a shit what other people are interested in? Are you saying you have no extracurricular activities? You know you're on a message board with men's clothing enthusiasts right...
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Give me a fucking break. You know what Michigan's endowment would look like if they didn't play football? Correct, when donations attributed to athletics are factored-in, Michigan is one of the few schools which turns a profit.
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