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delete pls
Possibly the last drops before I move these to a megathread in S & D I'm preparing....if anything catches your eye, send me a pm. Open to offers & trades....would like these clothes to go to good homes where they'll be enjoyed!
Drops all around. And the Spurr sweater can fit a size 38 comfortably, there's some stretch in the fabric. Hope someone slightly smaller than me can give it a good home.
All sold or consolidated. Thanks for visiting.
Free bump for nice clothes.
Thanks everyone, especially for the helpful info. Been away for a few days, read the replies. I just wanted the motherfucker banned. To the guy who posted about me accusing the guy of being a criminal mastermind, get real, I'm just trying to help other people on the board. What I wind up doing is between paypal, me and him. And potentially the authorities. Got a million things to do, just wanted to check on this thread. I'll cut and paste the info into the buyer...
So I made a deal with this guy for a RLPL cashmere sweater in exchange for a pricey Armand Diradourian x Paul Smith cashmere scarf plus $125 via paypal. He was great with communication until he got his money and scarf and then has ignored any attempt to get in touch with him. I felt relatively safe dealing with him due to his being a member for two years and having some positive feedback but the guy definitely burned me and after sending around 7 politely worded and kind...
What an obscure song to reference. I love it though. Quote: Originally Posted by APK To the tune of Goodie Mob's "Dance No Mo": They don't search no mo, they don't search no mo.
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