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Free bump for nice clothes.
Thanks everyone, especially for the helpful info. Been away for a few days, read the replies. I just wanted the motherfucker banned. To the guy who posted about me accusing the guy of being a criminal mastermind, get real, I'm just trying to help other people on the board. What I wind up doing is between paypal, me and him. And potentially the authorities. Got a million things to do, just wanted to check on this thread. I'll cut and paste the info into the buyer...
So I made a deal with this guy for a RLPL cashmere sweater in exchange for a pricey Armand Diradourian x Paul Smith cashmere scarf plus $125 via paypal. He was great with communication until he got his money and scarf and then has ignored any attempt to get in touch with him. I felt relatively safe dealing with him due to his being a member for two years and having some positive feedback but the guy definitely burned me and after sending around 7 politely worded and kind...
What an obscure song to reference. I love it though. Quote: Originally Posted by APK To the tune of Goodie Mob's "Dance No Mo": They don't search no mo, they don't search no mo.
Down to the rice thermal and thick cashmere sweater. Would like these to find good homes as they're beautiful pieces. Price drops on both.
Drops on what's left. By the way, I'm not sure if it shows in the pictures but the quality of the reamining three items is top shelf. Offers considered.
the algorhythm Yoox uses to determine it's retail and subsequent discount prices are one of the great mysteries of the retail world. I think it's one guy on angel dust in an office responsible for it.
Down to 1 sz 28 pair of Jil denim yet. If you were thinking of pulling the trigger, hit me up with an offer before it's gone. Also open to offers on the Paul Smith & Spurr pieces, though I have no problem whatsoever hanging onto them as they're quite beautiful. Ervell & Tim Hamilton pieces each cut by $10. There won't be another drop....they'll go to ebay after this.
Welcome to my latest sale thread. Mostly focused on sweaters / winter gear, some items of top quality here. Any questions, feel free to ask. Without further ado.... 1) Patrik Ervell F/W 10 Fair Isle SOLD 2) Tim Hamilton Rice Thermal in royal blue, size medium A super luxe rice knit thermal from Tim Hamilton. In a gorgeous royal blue, made in Italy. Perfect for a 36-38 (these run slim). These retailed for $330, asking $150 > $140 > $130 > $120. I'm...
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