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yeah, i have a wool button down jil sander shirt in blue (but same pattern) and it's incredible. alas it isn't bigger.
exactly. the original seller should bring the coat back to barneys indignant. they have a reputation to uphold too. ask to speak to the manager there if the story is true. especially if you have the receipt, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. they usually take all your information every time you purchase something so even if you don't have a receipt, it should be in their computer.
bump and msg replied to.
Looking for one of the Engineered Garments wool Field Parkas in Navy, size Small. Noticed I've missed a few of these recently, thought there might be one more out there one of you are thinking of selling. If so, send me a PM. Thanks.
bump and price drops.
Yeah, the jacket is lovely (actually both are)....really toasty. Anyway, an evening bump and a few price drops.
all gone
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