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Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol i don't think you're likely to find any decent tailors in such a small city
awesome replies, thank you. to original responder, my cel phone is fucked.....the alarm is frozen at 6:45 am which doesn't suit my needs and i don't particularly want to replace it. thanks for the help as always & keep the responses coming if anyone else has some favorite models.
Since it's apparently been a few years since the last thread of this kind, curious if there are any handsome and recommended digital watches, new or vintage, that any of you would recommend. Just need it to have an alarm. Budget is around $200, but feel free to mention items that are as expensive as you want or as cheap as you want. Thanks!
Bump and price drop.
Jil Sander sold....Fidelity x Woolrich only item left! Someone make me an offer so I can close out the thread. Dropped asking price to $65 (which is a f'ing steal for a garment of this quality).
Big drop on the coat and another drop on the wool shirt. Taking offers as well.
Crossposting to Men's Clothing section since it should be of some interest here. 1) Jil Sander coat, size 50 (equivalent to US size 40). Made in Italy from a mishmash of fabrics such as silk, cotton and nylon (see picture of tag below), with a cool brushed look to the outer shell and a nice tan color inner lining. Amazing coat in wonderful shape, would keep but is a bit big on me (some Sander pieces I own are tagged 50 and fit me perfectly -- I am a US size 38 -- but...
Woolrich wool jacket /shirt only piece remaining from original post (make offer) and a nice Jil Sander jacket added [5/29]!
Bump on the few items left w/ price drop. Shocked these two are still around.
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